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Two clusters of countries have been identified. Spain belongs to the most advanced economies group, sharing greater similarities with the largest European economies (except for Italy) and clear differences from small European digital leaders.


76.6% of Spanish companies have a web presence


84.6% of Spaniards have access to the internet


Communication networks are crucial for the development of digital economies and societies. In this regard, Spain’s telecommunications market is mature, innovative and well-developed.

Our country is noted for its high rates of penetration for fixed and mobile services and its strong focus on the deployment of high speed networks. These pieces of information are particularly relevant if we take into account some of the country’s particular constraints such as its complex orography and its low population density.

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The development of a digital economy and society largely depends on the level of implementation and intensity of use that private individuals, companies and government make of the digital infrastructures and technologies.

Spain is one of the leading countries in terms of quality and accessibility of online public services, but needs to improve the digital use by its companies, particularly the smaller ones.

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